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SKU FL00011-A-OS-H1CN35P
Weight 0.50 LBS
Height 36.00
Width 60.00
Depth 0.05
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FL11-A  Super Knit Confederate 1st National polyester 3 X 5 foot flag is printed on silky-looking, knitted polyester fabric and finished with a sturdy nylon header with two brass grommets. This flag is suitable for outdoor use and is of much higher quality than a standard printed polyester flag. 

This flag was adopted but never officially enacted. For twenty five days the Confederate States of America had no officially approved flag. In their haste to have a flag prepared for the flag raising ceremony on March 4, 1861, congress neglected to formally enact a flag law. When this flag was first raised over the capitol building in Montgomery, it contained seven stars, representing the Confederate States. By the third week of May two or more stars were added representing Virginia and Arkansas. In July the addition of North Carolina and Tennessee increased the number to eleven and finally the admission of Kentucky and Missouri in December brought the circle of stars to thirteen. During battle this flag was sometimes confused with the Union Stars and Stripes, therefore it was replaced by the 2nd National flag in 1863. 

The Confederate Flag Is a Matter of Pride and Heritage, Not Hatred