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The word concho comes from the Spanish "concha" which actually means "conch" or "seashell" but has come to mean round or oval disks (occasionally rectangles) of silver used to decorate saddles, bridles, clothing, used as jewelry such as for pendants and bolo ties and for adorning or making belts.

Originally Conchos were metal disks (sometimes made for old coins), traditionally with two slits to allow saddle strings to pass through and secure the saddle's skirts to the saddle tree. In this configuration, the concho was usually combined with a slightly larger leather rosette (also with two slits) that was put behind the concho to make the attachment snug.

At some point, someone decided that they didn’t want the slots and a “u” shaped wire was soldered to the back of the decorative disc. The user could punch a small hole in their leather, insert the two free ends of the wire and bend them outwardly to hold the concho in place.

Early Texas Rangers had their badges made from Mexican pesos and similar conchos followed.

Loops were welded on the backs so they could be slid on straps for bridles and belts and at some point they figured out soldering a nut or threaded tube on the back of the concho allowed for them to be attached with a screw. As the popularity grew, stamping or casting became options for mass production.

As a result you now see the solid or screw back style conchos, used mainly for decoration, much more than you see the slotted concho used to decorate saddles. Most often conchos are silver in color, made from sterling silver, or, more commonly today, made of nickel, chrome or silver plate over copper, steel, zinc, cast metal or other metal alloys. Conchos are traditionally very decorative with engraved designs. You can find conchos in a wide variety of shapes and designs. We have conchos for belts, handbags, saddles, bridles, breast collars, holsters, pillows, furniture, leather craft and other leather items. Our selection includes berry conchos, motorcycle conchos, biker conchos, Christian conchos, Fraternal conchos, star conchos, coin conchos, rope edge conchos, bullet and shell conchos, Texas conchos and wildlife conchos.

Rivet back conchos are also an option. However, there are a couple of different rivet back concho designs and one is far superior to the other. The cheapest and easiest to produce is a single cast piece with a solid tube on the back. While these are typically the least expensive, they tend to have a high failure rate without special equipment for attaching. Rivet back conchos that use a hollow rivet are a two piece construction and usually have a slightly higher cost, but rarely fail when attaching and need a couple of simple tools to attach.

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