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Quick View 6 Inch Cast Iron Texas Star Plaque - Front view

6 Inch Cast Iron Texas Star Plaque

ST00034-A  Rustic finish star, this item is a reproduction casting with some degree of imperfection. Brown in color may have some degree of rust, cast iron star in circle approximate diameter of 6" has two mounting holes.
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Quick View Rustic Steer Hook & Hanger

Rustic Steer Hook & Hanger

CI21-A-BRN    Cast iron steer head, this is a reproduction casting rustic brown in color will have some degree of imperfection. Can be used for cabinet or drawer pull, keys, gear, cap or coat hanger measures approximately 3" H X 3-1/2" W.
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    Texas Uniques (www.Texasuniques.com) is extremely proud of its product line celebrating the great state of Texas. Our vast and ever changing inventory of items is designed to help the customer who is searching for quality items ranging from decorative wall items to personal items like ear studs and tie tacks to unusual gift items to please a family member or friend.


    The mystique of Texas dates back to its early founding, then its eventual joining of the Union. Fans of the Western Lifestyle need look no further than our online company to decorate a room or patio with a Texas flair. Our items can be shipped to your home or business quickly and efficiently. All of our products are guaranteed, and a simple email or phone call can correct any problem that our customers might have with a shipment.


    Nothing symbolizes Texas more than its traditional Star emblem, and many of our selections feature this famous symbol. If you’re seeking just the right decorative touch for your Western themed room or patio, our “Decorative Texas 1836 Wall  Star” will surely please you. The rustic dark brown Texas 1836 metal star with rope style circle is approximately 16 inches in diameter. Priced at $29.21, this item will enhance a wall or gate entrance to your property. A similar item in this line, “Texas Metal Star 1836 24 inch Wall Art” will appeal to history buffs. On March 2, 1836, Texas (then a part of Mexico) 59 delegates signed the Texas Declaration of Independence, officially declaring their independence from Mexico and creating the Republic of Texas. The price of this piece is $39.88, and shipping must be done through UPS due to its size.


    Those customers looking for a unique gift for a family member or friend will certainly be able to find something in our vast array of choices at Texas Uniques. If you’re looking for items to complement a Texas themed party, our choice of paper plates, napkins, gift bags, tissue paper, and cards will brighten up the serving table with items reminiscent of the famous Texas flag. Its red, white, and blue colors are unmistakable, and your guests will be delighted.


    Personal gift items are carefully selected by our buyer to be of high quality. We have several belt buckle styles that reflect the Texas culture. The American Bison Men’s Belt Buckle has a swivel that allows you to interchange this piece to your favorite belts up to 1-1 ½ inches. It is perfect for any proud American and features an antique copper plated finish. It is modestly priced at $25.58. Our belt buckle styles within out Texas category include designs with the American Eagle, a Western Horse, and the Texas State Seal. Within this category our company also offers pendants, tie tacks, and earrings celebrating our Texas heritage.


    The bluebonnet is the official state flower of Texas, and every spring the beautiful blooms grace the pastures and roadsides of our state. One item in our inventory that has proven to be a favorite is the “Western Décor Texas Bluebonnet Plate.” Measuring 10 inches in diameter, this item would add to your décor on an easel or a plate rack in your china cabinet or shelf. Other items in our line of products for your kitchen area are the “Western Décor Deluxe Mug and Coaster Set.” Priced at $7.57, it features cowboys, horses, and lariat ropes. There are several more coffee mug choices in this line that will appeal to the Texas lover, especially our “Texas Flag Mug,” and the “Davy Crockett Mug.” The “Western Décor Texas Trivet” makes a nice gift for the Texas lover.  It measures 6”x6” and is painted with the Texas red, white, and blue colors, featuring a star and an unmistakable armadillo.

    Texas Uniques’ lineup of unusual gift items is guaranteed to please our customers. For example, the “Decorative Texas Armadillo Beverage Beer Can Holder” is an excellent choice for hard to buy for friends or relatives. This item is made of durable resin, measures approximately 8”H x 4” W x 5” L. Priced at $22.00, this item is sure to be a conversation piece on your patio or in your man cave! Continuing the armadillo theme, our selection includes a “Texas Armadillo Concho”, several stuffed animals in the armadillo shape, and a resin statue of an armadillo.


    Several animals are native to our state of Texas, and our “Decorative Rattlesnake Statue” can add to your Western or Texas theme décor. Made of durable polyresin, it measures approximately 5.5 inches wide, 11 inches high, and 8 inches deep. Setting on a shelf, this item might startle your guests.  It is priced at $28.20 and can be shipped to your home by our efficient staff.


    Several of our items in this category celebrate some of the great learning institutions in our state of Texas. Texas A&M Aggie fans will want to order the “Texas A&M Aggies Fabric Shower Curtain” to carry out that theme in their home. Shower curtain hooks are also available in this design. Our company also offers the “Texas A&M Horseshoe Plaque,” and “Texas A&M Metal Art Wall Décor.” Check our easy to navigate website to find items honoring Texas Tech and the University of Texas at Austin as well.


     The intrigue of the Texas cattle drives has been portrayed in the novel Lonesome Dove by Texas author, Larry McMurtry. Later made into a series for television, this tale has become a favorite of fans of the Old West. Our company, Texas Uniques, offers 3 sizes of a metal cut out sign that lovers of the series will want to decorate in a Western theme for a media room. Check our website for dimension and price choices for this item.


    Every Western movie, it seems, has a scene where the cowboys are working the cattle and proceed to brand the calves with an iron identifying the ranch owning the herd. Our selection of brands will enhance the look of your Texas style den, patio, or deck area. These are also great for the grill, leather, wood, art or craft projects. Designs include a deer, a Texas longhorn, the outline of the state of Texas, UT, and a horseshoe. Priced at $11.00, several could be used to decorate a fence or barn area.