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Quick View Western Horseshoe Small Shoe - Front View

Western Horseshoe Small Shoe

CI101-C  This cast iron reproduction casting of small horseshoe is gray/silver in color will have some degree of imperfection and rust, measures approximately 3-3/8" X 3-1/2" thickness 1/4".
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Quick View Cast Iron Door Handle Barn Hardware

Cast Iron Door Handle Barn Hardware

CI30-D-RAW   Raw unfinished cast iron handle, this item is a reproduction casting with some degree of imperfection.  Gray silver in color will have some degree of rust.  Has 4 mounting holes measures 2" X 5 1/2".
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Quick View Horseshoe Coat Hook

Horseshoe Coat Hook

CH30-A   Raw unfinished horseshoe cast iron one hook, this item is gray in color will have some degree of rust great for keys, caps, hats and coats measures 2.5"W X 4"H X 1 1/4"D.
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Quick View Rustic Gate Pulls Barn Hardware

Rustic Gate Pulls Barn Hardware

CI30-D-BRN  Rustic Reproduction casting pull handle for an authentic antique look with some degree of imperfections and rust. Great for sheds, barns, gates, and other rustic settings.  Has 4 mounting holes measures 2" X 5-1/2"
Quick View Rustic Brown Small Handle - Front View

Rustic Brown Small Handle

CI30-B-SSI  Rustic brown extra small cast iron handle, this item is a reproduction casting with some degree of imperfection and may have some degree of rust.  Has 4 mounting holes measures 1" X 3-5/8".   
Quick View Cowboy At The Cross With Nail

Cowboy At The Cross With Nail

CI14-A   Cowboy Church with a 1"nail on back, (should be pre-drilled to achieve best application) this item is a reproduction casting with some degree of imperfection.  Gray silver in color will have some degree of...
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    Cast Iron & Western

  is a distributor of high quality merchandise that is sure to please the customer looking for items reminiscent of the Western lifestyle, Southwest, and Texas memorabilia. Our company is pledged to providing not only an excellent product but also prompt delivery and customer satisfaction. All of our products are guaranteed, and we strive to continually update our inventory with the latest selections available.


    One of our popular departments, Western and Cast Iron, continually gets the attention of our customers with its unique items and attention to detail. Selections within this department include items for wall décor, handles and gate pulls, knives, shelf brackets, key and gear holders, hat and coat hooks, plant hangers, and shelf and corner brackets.


    The durability of many items in this department comes from the fact that they are made of cast iron. Cast iron, first produced in China in the 5th century BC, appears to have been used for cooking utensils, agricultural tools, and weapons. Through the centuries other cultures have utilized cast iron as well.  Gradually cast iron began to be used in bridge construction and cannons. Today, many recipes call for the ingredients to be cooked or baked in a cast iron skillet. There just seems to be something special about cornbread baked in grandmother’s cast iron skillet!


    If you are looking to create a Western or Southwestern flair to your décor, look no further than the Western and Cast Iron department at Texas Uniques. Items added to the wall décor of a room or patio can speak volumes about the taste and preferences in your home. What better way to welcome your guests into your home than our popular Cast Iron Horse Western Décor Welcome Sign?  Added to the entrance to your home, a porch, or entrance gate, this item is durable and will surely add to the Western décor of your home. The sign features a rustic brown cast iron horse and star in a horseshoe design. It measures approximately 13.2/5” wide and 6.5 inches tall. Modestly priced for the bargain minded shopper, the price is $16.37. A similar design features the Welcome sign flanked by 3 stars and 2 six shooters. Priced at $12.38, this item can be used on a barn or mounted on a fence as well as in your home as a welcome sign.


    Customers striving to add a touch of Western décor will be interested in our Cast Iron Rustic Finish Horse Wall Plaque. This rustic finish cast iron horse features one mounting hanger and measures 9-3/4”X 13-1/2” and costs only $11.55.  Filling a wall space in a den or entry area of your home with this item will satisfy your need for just the right touch of Western influence.


    Another interesting item in in this category is under the title “Western Cast Iron Jail Keys.” The keys are gray in color and will have some degree of rust. The set of 5 keys measures approximately 2 ¾ inches as a ring of keys with an overall length of 7 inches. Priced at $16.37, this item can be shipped to your home or business with satisfaction guaranteed.

    Texas Uniques’ selection of knives within this category will please the collector as well as those customers looking for a serviceable knife. Among the most popular knives is the Dale Earnhardt Legendary Folder Knife priced at only $10.00. Specific details on this item include the following: it measures 4.5 “ closed. The tactical black coated stainless steel blade with thumb screw has Dale Earnhardt’s signature on the blade. It has a red composition handle with black slotted grip overlay.


    Collectors of Western artifacts sometimes have difficulty finding the right shelf bracket to display their cherished items. Texas Uniques’ Decorative Fleur de Lis Cast Iron Corner Shelf Bracket will enhance those items you wish to feature in your home. The pair of brackets measures approximately 9” X 1.5”X 7” and features a rustic finish. Priced at $15.40, this sturdy set of brackets will add to your décor and provide shelf space for several items. 


    If you’ve ever been frustrated by having to look for your car keys, consider purchasing our popular Horse Gear and Key Holder. The item is made of rustic cast iron and measures 5”X 8”. The rope design and horse head accent of this serviceable item will add to the design of your Western or Southwest theme, and is priced at $15.00.


    Why not add our popular Horse Hat &Coat Hook item next to the key holder? Constructed of rustic brown, this cast iron double hook can be used to hang your coats, tack, or any other items you need to organize. It measures 6 ½”X 6 1/2” and is listed at $5.92.


    Decorators have advised clients for years to add plants or greenery to a room to enhance the décor. Our Rustic Dragonfly Plant Hanger can be used in a den area or patio to display a plant of your choice. This item can also be used to hang a bird feeder or wind chime outside. The rustic brown finish of this piece measures 10”X1”X11” and is priced at $12.38. Another popular choice in this department is the Star Plant Hanger. Preferred, especially, by those wanting to emphasize a Texas theme on their patio area, the hanger measures 10”HX1”WX11”D and costs $13.75.


    Texas Uniques is an online company that specializes in Western, Southwest, Cowboy, Cowgirl, Texas, Star, and Western Lifestyle items. Our company endeavors to deliver a quality product to its customers with excellent service being stressed in every item we ship. Our wide range of products in each of our categories is intended to bring satisfaction to our valued customers. Prompt delivery and complete satisfaction by our customers is our goal with every transaction.