Motorcycle Cruisin'

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Quick View Confederate States Flag Rebel Bandana

Confederate States Flag Rebel Bandana

BAN200-A   Confederate Flag Bandana 22" X 22" size tolerance: +/- 1", double side imprint, 100% cotton, thread count 62 X 62, hemmed stitch edges this is a Import.    Image ColorWe have made every effort to make the colors on...
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Quick View Western Rope Pendant Adapter For Concho

Western Rope Pendant Adapter For Concho

CON599-X   Adapter for attaching conchos to convert into a hanging pendant. Rope style sterling plated with a hand rubbed antique finish.  Conchos can be changed by unscrewing attaching screw and exchanging concho with a new item.
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Quick View Western Concho Necklace Adapter - front view.

Western Concho Necklace Adapter

CON599-Y  Concho Necklace or pendant adapter, change screw-back conchos out to achieve a new and fresh appearance.  Hand rubbed antique silver plated finish approximate measurement 1-3/4" X 7/8". Concho is not included. 


FL-12-B   BONNIE BLUE FLAG 3' X 5' 100% polyester with two metal eyelets in bold colors double stitched hem around the edge suitable for indoors or light outside use. The Bonnie Blue Flag was an unofficial banner of...
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FL9-A  DON'T TREAD ON ME FLAG 3' X 5' 100% polyester with two metal eyelets in bold colors double stitched hem around the edge suitable for indoors or light outside use. The Gadsden flag is a historical American flag with a...

Motorcycle Cruisin'


Man’s fascination with the motorcycle dates back to the 1860’s in France when a steam version was invented, and the love affair between man and machine hasn’t stopped growing since.  By the first world war, military strategists saw the potential for using the machines to speed up communication to the front lines. Both American and British companies began mass producing the vehicles, and the Harley Davidson company became recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of the motorcycle and remains one of the world’s best known companies, even with strong competition from several Japanese manufacturers.

Texas Uniques, recognizes the popularity of the motorcycle in today’s culture, and in response now offers several products for customers to purchase to show their love of the popular machine which has now become a culture of its own. Texas Uniques ( strives to provide its customers with quality items at a fair price. Our policy is to treat customers with care by having the best customer service possible. Purchases and deliveries are quick and efficient. Satisfaction is guaranteed and we pride ourselves in being recognized for our excellent service.  Returns are never a problem if the customer has a complaint.

For items in this category, simply click on the choice “Motorcycle Cruisin’” on our easy-to-navigate website. Several key chain options appear in this category, and the motorcycle enthusiast will find the choices varied and serviceable. The Sterling plated Motorcycle Key Fob has been a popular choice, and priced competitively, it will be a visible reminder of your love of motorcycles.

History buffs will certainly be interested in the item listed as “Texas Come and Take It Key Fob Leather in Black Leather.” Reminiscent of the battle cry from the Battle of Gonzales in 1835 during the Texas Revolution, it is priced at $9.63 and can be quickly shipped to your home.

Another key fob option is the one described on our website as “Motorcycle Key Fob Indian Chief Headdress in Black Leather.” The Indian chief concho is displayed on black leather and measures 1 ¾ inches x 3 ½ inches.  Priced to sell at $8.94, it is a favorite among our customers.

Within Texas Uniques’ category of Motorcycles and Cruisin’ are several flag choices: among them, a popular favorite, the Confederate States of America 1st National Flag which was actually never officially enacted as the flag. The 3x5 foot flag is printed on silky-looking knitted polyester fabric and finished with a study nylon header with two brass grommets. This flag is suitable for outdoor use and is of much higher quality than a standard printed polyester flag.  The price is $21.31 and can be shipped out quickly to our customers.

Other flag designs within this category which might appeal to the motorcycle enthusiast are the Confederate States of America Battle Flag with its famous red, white, and blue design; the Confederate States of America Battle Flag (Pride and Heritage, not Hatred). Both flags have similar dimensions to the item mentioned previously and are priced to please the customer at $13.20.

Several personal items in our line of merchandise have been purchased by those who are fond of the Motorcycle Cruisin’ line. Texas Uniques carries several belt buckle designs. The “Screaming Eagle Belt Buckle is priced at $25.58. The swivel allows the wearer to interchange this piece to his favorite belts up to 1-1/2 inch. It is perfect for any proud American and will put the finishing touch on a favorite outfit with its pewter plated finish.  Approximate measurements are 4 ½ inches x 3 3/8 inches. The “Square Berry Screaming Eagle Belt Buckle” also features an antique copper plated finish. The size measures a square 2-1/4 inches and is priced at $14.00.

Another item which has appealed to motorcycle enthusiasts is the “Skull Ear Stud Cowboy Hat Biker.” Made of Antiques handrubbed sterling, the ear stud measures 1 inch and is priced at $11.00.

The Silver Skull is also duplicated in another item, the “Silver Skull Figurine Statue Sculpture.” The silver finish resin decorative realistic skull replica has an approximate measure of 8 inches by 6 inches, and sells for $27.37.

Another personal item is our popular “Skull Eyeglass Holder.” The accurate description on our website (, gives the following description: Skull eyeglass holder with pin back to attach to clothing with dangling ring to provide a handy place to hang your glasses. Approximate measurement is 1 ¼ inches.  Priced to sell at $8.25, this item lets the motorcycle lover display his love of the sport.

The Skull Military Tie Tack is also available on our website. This popular design is priced at $6.05.

Several window decals are available within this category and have proven to be immensely popular with our customers who want to decorate their windshields or bumpers. Priced modestly at $1.79 the designs include the following choices: the Come and Take It Gonzales Flag Decal, the Confederate Flag Decal, and the Don’t Tread on Me. All of our decals are printed on laminated, waterproof, durable vinyl stock with UV blocking inks.  They are made with non-permanent adhesives, making them a great choice for trailers, boats, motorhomes, cars, motorcycles, and trucks.

After a day of enjoying your motorcycle, come home to hang your keys on our Rustic Cast Iron Motorcycle Coat Hook/ Key Holder. Its durability is unquestioned by its rustic brown cast iron material. Approximate measurement is 11 inches x 8 ¾ inches and sells for $13.62.