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Steer Hook & Hanger

CI21-A-R  Raw cast iron steer head this is a reproduction casting gray/silver in color will have some degree of rust and imperfection. Can be used for cabinet or drawer pull, keys, gear, cap or coat hanger measures approximately 3"H X 3 1/2"W.
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Wall Mount & Hand Bottle Openers


If you’re looking to enhance your man cave, patio or deck area, or favorite hangout to entertain guests and spend some relaxing time, you’ll find that unique accessory in Texas Uniques’ online site.  Many of our items are designed to add to a Western, Southwest, Cowboy or Cowgirl, Texas, or Western Lifestyle theme that you may want to carry out in your home.  Sometimes the smallest touch in a room or patio can add an amazing amount of interest, and the accessories in our line of products will not disappoint our customers.  Our company, known for its excellent customer service and satisfaction, will deliver your choices promptly, and we stand behind all of our products 100%.


The interest in the idea of a “man cave” has recently gained in popularity.  In living today’s fast paced, stressful lifestyle, most of us seek to find a retreat at home where we can kick back, relax, enjoy a favorite pastime like watching our favorite sports team on a wide screen television, and drink our favorite beverage.  Some designs are completed in a basement, garage, or upstairs area where we can share fun times with family and friends.  The style of these rooms can range from rustic to elaborate, but the accessories found in our line of products will certainly appeal to many who are completing their man caves.


If your entertainment or bar area needs an accent piece that is also serviceable, you may be interested in our Wall Mount “Open Here” Rustic Bartender Bottle Opener.  The old fashioned look to this item will complement a Western or Southwestern look room or patio area.  The brown finish reproduction casting is designed to have a vintage look and comes with two mounting screw holes.  It measures 3 inches high x 2 1/2 “wide x 1 ¼” deep. Priced at $1.93, this trendy item won’t break the budget in accessorizing your bar area.

The Wall Mount Texas Rustic Bottle Opener emphasizing a vintage look will please the customer looking for items to decorate a Texas based area in the home, deck, or patio area.  Measuring 3 inches high, the opener comes with two mounting screw holes.  The opener is 2 ½ inches wide x 1 ¼ inches deep.  The quality and look of this popular item makes the price of $1.65 seem very reasonable.


One of the most well know trademarks is that of Coca-Cola, and fans of this beverage and its iconic advertising will want to check out Texas Uniques’ Wall Mount Coca Cola Rustic Bottle Opener.  Like those seen in soda fountains, gas stations, and restaurants several years ago, this vintage look item will add to the charm of your bar area.  Collectors of Coca Cola memorabilia will find that this item, which is made of rustic brown reproduction casting, measures 3 inches high x 2 ½ inches wide x 1 ¼ inches deep. The price is also pleasing at only $1.93 with prompt delivery and service guaranteed.


When decorating your man cave, patio, or deck area and you’re looking to feature a Western or Southwest theme, our Longhorn Steer Cast Iron Wall Mount Bottle Opener will serve the purpose of opening your favorite soda or beer.  The Longhorn has long been associated with visions of the American cowboy and the historic cattle drives, and this accessory from our line of quality products will surely add to your décor.  Constructed of reproduction casting, this vintage themed piece may have some imperfections, but the rustic design makes those imperfections add to the charm of this piece.  Constructed with a wall mount of two holes, the rustic brown finish item measures 3 inches high x 2 ½ inches wide x 1 ¼ inches deep.  Priced at $1.93, this item will surely please the fans of Western culture. Priced similarly and with the same dimensions is our popular Bottle Opener with Crossed Pistols and Star.


Customers seeking to create a bar or tavern atmosphere in a man cave or patio area will be interested in the item identified as “Bar Open Wall Mount Bottle Opener.” The wall mounted opener is made of cast iron with raised lettering.  It can easily be installed on a wall or bar to provide a functional opener that’s impossible to misplace.  Measuring 4 3/8 inches x 6 inches x 1 ¼ inches, this sturdy opener is priced at $6.60.  If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with this product, a quick email or phone call will solve any problem.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed with any of our products. Similarly designed is our “Bar Open Wall Mount Painted Bottle Opener.”  Measuring 4 inches x 5 ½ inches and made of cast iron, it features gold lettering with black rustic background.  It is priced at $4.13.


Western signs can be added to your décor to create the atmosphere you’re looking for in designing your “watering hole.”  Texas Uniques’ “Keep Calm and Drink Beer” sign will be an attention getter in your bar area.  This Western Rustic cast iron décor plaque measures approximately 8 3/8 inches x 2 ¼ inches. The price is reasonable at $6.88.

Another selection in our sign category will bring a laugh to your guests.  Listed as “Plaque In God We Trust Decorative Wall Art,” the sign continues on to say,”All Others Pay Cash.”  The cast iron plaque is an antique reproduction and is great for both home, office, indoors or out.  It measures approximately 5 ¾ inches x 5 ¾ inches and is listed at $7.57.

 Another popular selection in this category is described on our online site as “Metal Wall Décor Beer Sign.”  The sign reads, “Beer It Helps Make Things Not Suck.” Perfect for that man cave or deck area, the sign, made of cast iron, measures 6 inches by 4 inches and comes with two mounting holes.  Priced at $8.94, this selection is bound to be a conversation starter at your next gathering. Remember that ordering and shipping is easy to navigate at our online site, and satisfaction is guaranteed on all of our items.