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Quick View Horseshoe Coat Hook

Horseshoe Coat Hook

CH30   Raw unfinished horseshoe cast iron one hook, this item is gray in color will have some degree of rust great for keys, caps, hats and coats measures 2.5"W X 4"H X 1 1/4"D.
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Quick View Western Cast Iron Horseshoe

Western Cast Iron Horseshoe

CI100-A  This item is a reproduction casting with some degree of imperfection and rust.  Raw cast iron (unfinished) grey silver in color, horseshoe measures approximately 4-1/2" X 4-1/2".
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Quick View Western Horseshoe Pony Shoe

Western Horseshoe Pony Shoe

CI101-A  This cast iron reproduction casting of small horseshoe is gray/silver in color will have some degree of imperfection and rust, measures approximately 2-3/4" X 3-1/2" with a thickness of 5/32".
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