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Quick View Western Rope Pendant Adapter For Concho

Western Rope Pendant Adapter For Concho

CON599-X   Adapter for attaching conchos to convert into a hanging pendant. Rope style sterling plated with a hand rubbed antique finish.  Conchos can be changed by unscrewing attaching screw and exchanging concho with a new item.
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Quick View Western Concho Necklace Adapter - front view.

Western Concho Necklace Adapter

CON599-Y  Concho Necklace or pendant adapter, change screw-back conchos out to achieve a new and fresh appearance.  Hand rubbed antique silver plated finish approximate measurement 1-3/4" X 7/8". Concho is not included. 
Quick View Western Square Berry Buckle Blank - Front view

Western Square Berry Buckle Blank

JEWL00499  Square berry antique copper plated finish square berry buckle blank, 2-1/4" with a center hole. Use as a backer for any 1-1/4" or 1-1/2" concho, will allow you to create a fashionable custom decorative look for a...
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