Cabinet Knobs-Drawer Pulls

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Quick View Western Star Knobs With Rope Trim - Front view

Western Star Knobs With Rope Trim

CP00212-ORB-K  Oil rubbed bronze finish die cast star with rope trim cabinet hardware knob drawer pulls, measures approximately 1-3/4" in diameter comes with 1 " screw. (POSSIBLE DRAWER PULL MATCH CP00201-ORB-DP OR CP00400-ORB-DP)  
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Quick View Star Knob or Drawer Pull

Star Knob or Drawer Pull

CP109  Western Star knob hardware cabinet drawer pull cast iron reproduction casting, item is silver/gray in color will have some degree of imperfection and rust, Dual post (screws not included size 8-32) 2-1/2" diameter 2" center to center.
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Quick View Star Cabinet Hardware Drawer Pulls ORB - Front View

Star Cabinet Hardware Drawer Pulls ORB

CP205-A-ORB-DP  Oil-Rubbed bronze finish die-cast star backplate and rope style cabinet hardware drawer pulls with screws has 2 mounting holes 3" center to center, approximate measurement 3" X 1-1/4".  (MATCHING KNOB CP00204-ORB-K)
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Quick View Star Cabinet Knob With Rope Trim - Front view

Star Cabinet Knob With Rope Trim

CP00212BLK  Black finish die cast star with rope trim hardware cabinet knobs drawer pulls, measures approximately 1-3/4" in diameter comes with 1 " screw.  (POSSIBLE DRAWER PULL MATCH CP00201-BLK-DP OR CP00400-BLK-DP)  
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    Cabinet Knobs - Drawer Pulls

    Texas Uniques is a distributor of decorative Western, Southwest, and Star Style Cabinet Hardware on the internet. We have been serving our customers’ needs for Western, Southwest, and Star cabinet knobs and pulls for more than fifteen years. Our goal is to provide a wide selection of Cabinet Knobs, Drawer Pulls, Bathroom Cabinet Knobs and Drawer Pulls, Kitchen Cabinet Knobs and Drawer Pulls, Dresser Knobs and Decorative Furniture Accent and other quality Western Style Home Décor products.

    Bringing your kitchen or bathroom décor together can have it challenges, and Texas Uniques is here to help. Shop our selection of cabinet and door hardware from our quality manufacturers based in China and Taiwan. You will find a selection of assorted colors and finishes that will complement your overall décor by decorating your cabinets with good-looking Western, Southwest, and Star cabinet knobs or pulls.


    Although the knobs and pulls on your cabinets are functional pieces of hardware, they can also serve a decorative function as well. As a finishing touch on the décor of your kitchen or bathroom, your cabinet pulls will only look right if they are installed properly and evenly on each cabinet.  Knobs and pulls are an effortless way to update the look of a kitchen, bathroom, or piece of furniture. These hardware accent pieces come in a wide variety of styles, colors, and finishes, so there are many options to complement any home. Updated cabinet knobs, pulls or hardware accessories for your kitchen or bathroom cabinets will help you to achieve that finished touch that pulls your décor together. Cabinet knobs, cabinet handles, dresser knobs, dresser pulls, and decorative furniture hardware come in a almost endless variety of styles, materials, and finishes. You will be amazed at how a small detail such as cabinet hardware can change the look of your kitchen, bathroom, or furniture. Updating kitchen cabinet hardware or furniture hardware is a quick and easy update that requires minimal effort and is inexpensive. Kitchen and bathrooms remodeled with updated hardware, cabinet knobs and drawer pulls have proven to increase the value of your home which is an added benefit.


    Texas Uniques features unique Western, Southwest, and Star cabinet hardware knobs and pulls that you may not find anywhere else. Our cabinet knobs and pulls are warehoused at our wholesale location for immediate shipment. This allows us to react to your needs at the time of your purchase. Texas Uniques offers Oil Rubbed Bronze, Satin Nickel, Old Silver, Antique Pewter, Antique Silver, Antique Brass and Copper finishes. All our styles are or original design, antique reproduction or handmade items from many worldwide manufacturers.


    When using metal die-cast hardware pieces in your home, one of the most important steps for design is selecting which finish to use. Here are a few common options to consider:


    Oil-Rubbed Bronze is a chemically darkened surface that simulates aged bronze. This finish is very dark, varies from a deep brown to a dark gray, and usually has copper undertones.


    Satin-Nickel finishes have dulled and lacquer-coated nickel plating over brass hardware. It is the “happy medium” of silver-toned hardware with its glossy, yet understated tone.

    Antique Brass is solid brass that is polished and lacquer-coated to prevent tarnishing over time.


    Polished Brass is one of the most common finishes and is available in almost any style.


    Antique Pewter finishes are usually not pewter at all, but are made with a dulled and darkened nickel-plating over brass. This is typically a matte finish and goes well with a wide range of design styles.


    Copper finishes typically have the characteristic reddish tint that the metal is known for, although there are antique and oxidized versions that tend more towards browns or greenish tints.


    Of course, these are just the options for metal finishes. Many knobs and pulls are also made of ceramic, wood, and glass, so it is a good idea to explore all options when choosing your selection.


    The process for making these pieces is quite interesting. Metal die casting is a process of forcing molten metal under high pressure into a mold cavity.  The mold cavity is created by using hardened dies which are in shapes and work similarly to an injection mold. Metal die castings are made from metals such as zinc, copper, aluminum, magnesium, lead, pewter, and tin-based alloys. Depending on the type of metal, a hot or cold chamber machine is used.


    A Texas-based retailer, is a distributor of high quality Western and Star Cabinet Hardware (cabinet knobs and drawer pulls). Our low prices range from $1.00 and $30.00 and are based on a single piece, with an option to be accepted into our wholesale program. Our customers can be assured of product safety from our certified suppliers from China and Taiwan. Our quality selection of Western and Star Cabinet Hardware are always changing and up to date with new additions to our inventory.

    Texas Uniques offers excellent customer service, with a Texas smile that is our trademark in The Republic of Texas. We believe that good customer service means helping customers in a friendly, positive manner. It will continue to be our mission to manage any complaints from customers about our products and do our best to ensure customer satisfaction. Our reputation is based on good customer service and always being positive and willing to assist our customers to the best of our ability. Texas Uniques is dedicated to our customers being highly satisfied with our Service and Merchandise, coupled with Our Texas Smile!