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    Upholstery Tacks


    With the increase in interest in DIY (Do It Yourself) projects, Texas Uniques has added more selections in their already popular department of Upholstery Tacks. Our company is dedicated to providing its customers with an excellent selection of quality products, and our Upholstery Tacks division will not disappoint the “Do It Yourselfer” who is looking for tacks to finish off that latest project. Our selections will certainly please the customer who is looking for tacks in Western, Southwest, Cowboy, Texas, or Star designs.

    Our selections in this department come in a variety of lengths to complete any upholstery project. As you consider what size of tack to order in a specified style, be sure to consider the thickness of the tack needed after judging the purpose of the tack and the wood and fabric being used. Our decorative Upholstery Tacks are not only intended to enhance the look of the piece of furniture you’re creating but also to safely keep the fabric in place for years to come. Texas Uniques features many decorative upholstery tacks which are manufactured in China and Taiwan. The various designs offered to our customers have been selected by our staff to meet the needs of professional upholsterers or those who just want to refresh a piece of furniture for extended use or as a sentimental antique family heirloom.


    As you select your decorative tacks to upholster a piece of furniture, make sure that you’re choosing a tack not only for its decorative appeal but one that will go through all the layers of fabric, then into the wood itself securely and safely. 


    Our selections are constantly being updated to meet the needs and design ideas of our customers. Texas Uniques prides itself on great customer service and speedy deliveries. We want our customers to be satisfied with our products.


    If you’re seeking to display your love of Texas or Southwest styles in your home, office, or business, you might want to consider ordering the Western Decorative Star Upholstery Tack & Nails Old Silver item. The shank pin ½” head diameter 5/8” is of sturdy quality and features a Star design. Sturdy enough to complete your project while being reminiscent of the Old West, this selection at $.55 each will keep your project in budget while satisfying your desire for including the Western flavor in your décor.


     Another of our popular favorites in this category is the Antique brass finish sunburst upholstery tack shank pin (5/8” head diameter ¾”). The intricate detail on this item will surely please our customers who are looking to finish an upholstery project, wanting to promote a Western flair in their home. Priced at $1.08 each, these sturdy tacks will complete your project with ease. Remember that all our products are guaranteed, and a simple email or phone call can satisfy any problem you might have with any of our products.

    One of our popular designs is quite different from others featured on our website, but has proven to be both functional and decorative. The Western décor black finish hammered round dome top clavor is great to use to decorate furniture, doors, cabinets, picture frames, art, and craft projects. It measures approximately ¾” diameter with a shank pin of ¾”. Modestly priced at $.69 each, it comes not only in the popular black but also in old silver and gold. Check our website for constantly changing styles, sizes, and designs.

    Horseshoe designs have been synonymous with Western culture since the days of Western expansion. Texas Uniques is pleased to offer its customers a popular design of upholstery tacks featuring a double horseshoe. Listed on our website as Western Decorative Double Horseshoe it measures the shank pin at 3/8” and the head at ½”X1/2”. With the price of $.83 each, this design is both economical and sturdy.


    Those customers interested in promoting the history of our country might be interested in using the Western Decorative Indian Nickel Upholstery Tacks and Nails. The familiar design on this item dates back to sculptor James Earle Fraser. Produced by the U. S. Mint between 1913-1938, the sculptor designed the “Buffalo nickel or Indian Head nickel” featuring an American bison on one side and the right profile of an American Indian on the other. If your décor wants to emphasize your love of the Southwest, this design is meant for you. Dimension of the tack shank pin is ½”, and the head diameter is 13/16”.  The price is $.83 each.


    Texas Uniques is an online business which offers our customers quality products, excellent customer satisfaction and service, and a varied inventory to meet the needs of our customers. Shopping with our company is a pleasant experience whether your taste runs to Western, Southwest, Cowboy/Cowgirl, Texas, Western Life, or Star motifs. Our wide inventory is up to date and is tailored to meet the needs of our customers.