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    One of Texas Uniques most popular departments is its “Stars” category.  Whether you’re looking to redecorate a room in your home or add to the décor of your patio, our selections will certainly give you a wide range of possibilities. Our company’s emphasis on providing multiple choices in Western, Southwest, Cowboy and Cowgirl, Texas, and Western Lifestyle items has proven to be a favorite with our valued customers.

    Why “Stars”? Man has been fascinated with one of God’s first creations since Adam and Eve were enjoying the Garden! Stars were more than just a part of the sky to be enjoyed or provide light; they were employed for centuries as navigation tools for travelers on both land and sea. Ancient civilizations depended on the interpretation of the alignment of the stars as they prepared the soil for planting and growing their crops. Interest in astrology originated centuries ago, and people are still inclined to check their “sign” or “star” before making major life decisions. The star symbol has been incorporated into many national and state flags, including our own beloved Texas flag. What started out as the Republic of Texas flag in 1839 came to be adopted as the state flag when Texas became part of the Union in 1845. Its popular red, white, and blue colors featuring the Texas star has become synonymous with our state’s proud heritage.

    Songwriters have long used star gazing as a basis for their lyrics: “When You Wish Upon a Star,” and a famous lyric from one of our favorites, “The stars at night are big and bright, deep in the heart of Texas.” 

    Our product line at Texas Uniques offers many options for those individuals looking to incorporate stars into their décor. Decorative star upholstery tacks are manufactured with an antique brass finish and are reasonably priced at $0 .69 each.  Another of our popular star products is a star key fob which makes a great gift for only $3.44.  Texas Star tie tacks have also proven to be popular as gift items at only$6.88 each.  Knowing that we sell quality products at reasonable prices makes our company well respected and successful.  Adding to our reputation is our dedication to customer satisfaction. We strive to meet and exceed our customers’ needs for quality products.

    Another of our popular line of products featuring stars is the Western Star Horseshoe Coat Hook.  This rustic finish cast iron star provides decorative features plus functionality with its unique design. Measuring 5” by 5”, the star is priced at only $3.17 each on our online site.  As outdoor living is enjoyed by many of our customers, the Star Plant Hanger is both functional as well as decorative.  This item can serve as a plant holder, bird feeder, or wind chime hanger and is priced at only $13.75.

    Our company strives to please its customers with a wide variety of items featuring the star pattern, including a number of choices on drawer and cabinet pulls.  Knowing that a change of pulls or knobs can completely change the look of a piece of furniture or dated cabinets, our company has successfully sought out quality products in this line.   An example of this line is our popular nickel and gold plated engraved border star cabinet hardware drawer pull made with a 1” screw that has one mounting hold with an approximate diameter of 1-1/2 inches.  Priced at $5.50 each, these knobs can be an inexpensive way to transform and update a chest of drawers or kitchen cabinets.

    With the rise of patriotic spirit in our country, another of our items is the perfect accessory for an accent wall or outdoor area. The painted red, white, and blue metal star measures 24” point to point. Priced at $27.75, this item is versatile as well as sturdy. Another item from our inventory utilizes the combination of stars and longhorn cattle and is sure to add to your Western décor needs.  Constructed of raw sheet metal and measuring 6”, this piece is priced at only $3.44.

    The star theme can even be carried onto the dining table with our Star Salt and Pepper Holder and Shakers.  Measuring 5”X4 ½ inches, the Western rustic brown set will serve to carry out the Texas star theme in your home.  The set, priced at $24.10, will grace your table for years to come. When adding to the Star theme in your décor, you may want to consider another product for our line of quality products: the Cast Iron Star Cross. Measuring 12”by 8”, this beautiful cross is modestly priced at only $7.84, and customers who have purchased the cross have been impressed with its quality and ability to lay flush against the wall as it adds to the desired décor of the room.

    Another quality item for customers seeking to decorate with the Star theme have chosen the 11”cast iron Texas Star Plaque.  This item is a reproduction casting with some degree of imperfection which adds to its brown color which may have some degree of rust which only adds to its charm.  It adds character to those patios featuring a Star theme.  Surrounding the large star are 10 more stars encircling the main star; this item has been praised by satisfied customers who also praised our company’s prompt and efficient service.

    If you’re looking for the perfect wall accessory to add to your Western, Texas, or Southwest décor, our 12” Rustic Brown Metal Star Rope Ring Wall Décor will certainly  measure up to your expectations.  Measuring 12” in diameter it will fill a wall space or patio area nicely in completing a setting for the Western enthusiast. Priced at $13.75, this item can let you stay in budget.  Our company, Texas Uniques, features many more similar items such as the popular Welcome Metal Star Rope Ring (25 inches) and the God Bless Our Home Metal Star Rope Ring 24 inch wall décor sign.