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FL-30  Standard 3x5 foot Flag is lightweight Polyester.  All flags have 2 brass rings grommets located on 1 side - Top & Bottom toward corners.
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    Texas Uniques has a variety of categories on its website, and many satisfied customers have been drawn to the division known as “Bandanas Decals Flags.”  The varied items in this department are of quality materials, and our company stands behind all purchases. Customer service is of vital importance to our company, and we take great pride in meeting the needs of our customers. Ordering online with Texas Uniques ( is simple to complete, and all of our merchandise is guaranteed.


    The popularity of wearing bandanas seemed to peak during the 70s through the 90s, but the custom of wearing a bandana for decorative purposes or as an item of necessity seems to still be popular. Tied around the neck or head, a bandana can make a fashion statement, explain your political feelings or loyalties, or serve to keep the dust and grit out of the face of a cowboy working cattle. Originating in India, the triangular or square shaped pieces of silk or cotton have grown in popularity in cultures around the world.


    One of our popular bandanas is the “Bandana Western Saddle Bronc.” This Western themed item is rodeo blue in color, and the distinctive Western design features traditional items: cowboys riding broncs, cowboy boots, a white Stetson hat, all encircled with a western rope border. Priced at only $2.56, this bandana can be worn or used for decoration in your home, office, or game room. Several could even be used as décor for a Western or Cowboy themed party. This item also comes in a red theme as well.


    Another of our bandana designs features the flag of Mexico. Measuring 22”x 22”, this square utilizes the brilliant green, white, and red colors centered with the emblem of our neighbor to the South.  Priced at $2.56, this modestly priced item can be worn or used for decoration.


    The United States Flag Bandana USA item is also one of our popular items. The square 22”x22” can be proudly worn to show your patriotism or used as decoration.

    Proud Texans will be interested in our selection “Texas State Flag Bandana.” We also feature another Texas themed bandana, the “Texas State Map Bandana State of Texas.” Both of these items feature the traditional red, white, and blue color scheme and could even be framed as part of the décor in a Texas themed room.


    Texas Uniques also stocks bandanas to honor and salute the branches of our armed forces. Priced at $5.00 these bandanas can be ordered featuring the seals of the United States Army, Navy, or Marines. The brilliant colors of these designs are a salute to the brave men and women of each of these branches.


    Texas Uniques carries a variety of styles of flags, and these items can be purchased on our easy to navigate website. We carry 57 different designs of flags, and our customers are pleased with the quality and design of these flags.


    Some may not know the history of one of our items, the “Bonnie Blue Flag.” This flag design was an unofficial banner of the Confederate States of America at the beginning of the American Civil War in 1861. It consists of a single, five pointed white star on a blue field. The flag is made of polyester and measures 3’x5’. It is printed on silky-looking, knitted fabric and finished with a sturdy nylon header with two brass grommets. The flag is suitable for outdoor use and is priced at $9.44.


    Other flag designs which are comparable in price and size are: The Christian Flag, The State of Texas-Republic of Texas Flag, The United States of America Flag, The Mexico Flag, The Confederate States of America 1st National Flag, and the Confederate States of America Battle Flag Pride and Heritage Not Hatred. All of these designs are of high quality and are fit for outdoor use.


    The decal selection on our website is varied and we constantly add new choices. One of our most popular choices is a bumper sticker: “Don’t Mess With Texas Vinyl Decal Bumper Sticker.” Priced at $4.13, this decal will fit nicely on your car or truck. 


    Motorcycle enthusiasts will certainly want to order this item:  the “Metal Skull Motorcycle Vehicle Decal Emblem.” This highly polished nickel finished skull is weatherproof and very durable as is the enamel coloring and rhinestones. These are great for your vehicles, bikes, or trailers. The size measures 4” x 2 ¾ “ and is priced at $15. 13.


    To show your pride in our Texas heritage, choose the window decal “Come and Take It Gonzales Flag Decal” for only $1.79. It is printed on laminated, waterproof, durable vinyl stock with UV blocking inks.  This decal is made with non-permanent adhesives, making it a great choice for trailers, boats, motorhomes, cars, motorcycles, and trucks. Other popular window decals are the “Confederate Flag Decal,” and the “State of Texas Flag Decal.”  Shipping is quickly accomplished, and your satisfaction is always guaranteed.


    Be sure to check out our ever-changing inventory on our website at Texas Uniques.  Our selections are of high quality, and our customer service is dependable.