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Quick View Iron Sugar Mold Stand

Small Metal Sugar Mold Stand

SMS10-A  Rustic unfinished metal sugar mold stand/base tapered to fit the shape of the sugar mold, expect some variations in metal finish with some degree of rust and size.  Holds 2, 3, or 4 hole sugar mold, two will support 6, 8, 10 or 12 hole...
Quick View One Hole Wood Cheese Mold

One Hole Wood Cheese Mold

WCM1-A  This Rustic one (1) Hole Cheese Mold is a reproduction.  A popular accessory with in the past few years.  Made from solid reclaimed wood, stained, with minor cracks and imperfections to give it an original appearance...
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    Sugar Molds-Stands


    The online company, Texas Uniques (, strives to offer its customers dependable products delivered with excellent customer service.  We offer a wide range of quality merchandise which is reasonably priced. Our items are delivered quickly after our customers have chosen a product from our easy to navigate website. Our products are guaranteed, and we pride ourselves on answering any questions or concerns in a friendly, respectful manner.


     With the increased popularity of home remodeling and decorating projects several television series and websites have generated, one of Texas Uniques categories, “Sugar Molds” has been gaining lots of interest. Most people recognize that these objects are used mostly for holding candles for decorative arrangements for a coffee table, dining table, or mantle, but there is a story behind these popular decorative items. Dating back to medieval times, when the sugar cane trade first began, sugar was sold in a sort of cone or loaf form. Sugar would have to be broken off, then sifted until the substance could be used in a finer form. Originally made of wood or pottery, gradually other versions emerged featuring decorative patterns on the loaf. Today replicas of these original molds are manufactured for decorative items like candle holders.


    Texas Uniques has answered the call of its customers in finding sugar molds for use in creating a Western, Southwestern, Texas, or Cowboy theme to your décor. All items in this category are a unique, one-of-a-kind piece. Our popular “Six Hole Wooden Mexican Sugar Mold Candle Holder” is listed at $21.32 on our website and delivery is through UPS. Never actually used as a sugar mold, this piece will add rustic charm to your home. The mold is new but will have that “worn look” and may have chips, cracks, or other signs of wear. The molds measure in length from 19” to 20”, have a height of 4 7/8 inches, and they are 3 ½ inches wide at the top and taper to 2 ¼ “at the bottom. The candle holes taper from 1” diameter at the bottom to 2 ¼ “ diameter at the top. The holes are 4 ½ inches deep. This piece is versatile in that it can be featured on a dining table or hearth area of your fireplace. Its placement in your home will add a touch of Western or Southwestern flair.


    The size of our choices on this item vary from a 2 Hole model, all the way up to our popular “Twelve Hold Wooden Mexican Sugar Mold Candle Holder.” Check our website for exact dimensions and prices on this popular item. Our company also offers this item in a dark finish in the four and 5 hole selections, so if other furniture pieces in your décor are of a darker finish, you might want to consider these choices.