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Weight 0.32 LBS
Height 36.00 (in)
Width 60.00 (in)
Depth 0.05 (in)
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FL00006-C  Alamo Flag 3 X 5 foot is a printed flag that is made of a good quality polyester. It has been finished with a strong header with brass grommets and it is for indoor or outdoor use. 

For some years the 1824 flag has floated over many camp sites and ceremonies. It has waved from the top of the Alamo and across endless movie screens. It has become such an icon of Texas history that few people ever stop to consider the true story of the flag. This article is a documentation of my research into the 1824 tri-color. It is not the final word on the subject, as I doubt that we will ever reach the point of empirical certainty. It can, however, be a starting point for the reader's own research into the subject and into different aspects of history in general, which I heartily encourage.

The general public has often heard the tale of how the early Texas colonists revolted against the Mexican dictator Santa Anna and how they were fighting for the restoration of the liberal Mexican Constitution of 1824. To symbolize this they took as one of their banners the Mexican green, white and red tri-color with the black numerals 1 8 2 4 replacing the central Mexican eagle. Most stories recount how this banner flew over the Alamo during the battle which resulted in the massacre of Travis, Bowie, Crockett, Dickenson and the 180 odd other defenders of that fortress.